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Basic Mangement Service

Our Basic Management Service (BMS) combines the basic needs of any Information Technology department into a single service;  node monitoring and maintenance, coupled with a cloud managed  antivirus product. Servers and Workstations are monitored 24 hours a  day 7 days a week sending alerts and generating problem tickets automatically for our Helpdesk to remediate.   We are  so  confident  in  out  antivirus   Solution  that  we  will  provide  No-Cost*  remediation  of   virus  infections .  As  an  added  benefit ,  when  you  sign  a  1  year  contract  we will  give  you  reduced  hourly  pricing  for  support  and   projects.  This  service  does  not  include  any  remote  support  hours.

System Monitoring

We monitor a wide range of system resources  including processor, memory  and hard disk Utilization. We monitor system event logs for errors . These are just a few points in a far greater list designing to catch issues before they become a nuisance to you.

System Maintenance

We perform regularly scheduled system disk clean ups and defragmentation of mechanical drives only. In addition we perform all scheduled reboots. An important point to make is we install all Critical and Security updates that Microsoft releases to keep your system save and running in its most productive state.

System Antivirus

We will provide each server and workstation with a  centrally managed Antivirus  product. We make sure its updated daily with the latest signatures and we monitor it to make sure it’s active. 

Recommended a-la-carte addons

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